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My diverse skills, breadth of experience, and tenacious work ethic are an asset to every project I work on. I am always on the lookout for exciting collaborations and meaningful film work, so if you’re interested in working with me, please get in touch so we can discuss the compatibility of our schedules.

Whether your project is a narrative film, a series, a documentary, branded content, or something else entirely-- I would love to hear from you. I work regularly as a:

  • DIRECTOR - My background as an actor, and my personal focus on character-driven cinema, means that I have a special gift for capturing captivating performances on film and telling a story through nuanced character beats. I excel at conjuring a distinct mood through subtle visual design, and collaborating with musicians of all stripes. In addition to directing my own work, I have also interpreted texts by other writers, and devised work from scratch through rehearsal and improvisation. I am a pragmatic auteur-- impassioned and creatively specific, but flexible and accommodating to the logistical challenges of every production. 
  • EDITOR - Having cut four strikingly different features and more than a half dozen shorts, I've developed a sharp sense of perception and an uncanny intuition. I have a knack for identifying the needs of a piece, understanding the arc, discovering how to shape it, and executing quickly and consistently.
  • SOUND EDITOR/DESIGNER - I am a dexterous and efficient sound editor and designer, with experience creating original soundscapes and making inventive use of my robust sound bank.
  • ASSISTANT DIRECTOR/PRODUCTION MANAGER - The personal and prolific nature of my filmmaking practice has fostered in me a powerful impulse for self-discipline, independent organization, and taking initiative-- all essential skills for an assistant director or production manager. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than being able to use those skills to help other artists realize their aspirations. 
  • CINEMATOGRAPHER - In addition to shooting a lot of my own work, I also work regularly doing event videography and corporate videos. I'm used to working in challenging environments with limited tools, so I've learned to be especially resourceful and pragmatic as a cinematographer (with my own cinema camera kit).