loretta’s flowers

  • “Prost is concerned with the implications of each scene— implications that simmer in a quietly emotional climax.” - DISCORDER MAGAZINE

Sensitive Parts

  • "Yonge's performance is as unnerving as it is captivating, and Prost never lets it slip into easy melodrama." - THE GLOBE AND MAIL

  • Sensitive Parts is a sweet, funny and endearing little film that blossoms largely on the strength of its top notch ensemble cast” - THE INDEPENDENT CRITIC

  • “Benefitting from an outstanding script from Prost, and an incredible central performance from Yonge, the movie felt like a lost gem from Woody Allen's back catalogue.” - THE UK FILM REVIEW

  • Sensitive Parts is filled with kindness, honesty, and friends doing everything they can to help a person that they love” - TORONTO FILM SCENE

  • “Prost’s amusing, lighthearted nod to friendship is adorably quirky.” - WHAT SHE SAID

Spaces and Reservations

  • “Zach White gives a performance that truly soars... beautifully photographed by Prost and Jeremy Cox in a way that fosters intimacy and distance and all the varying layers we endure within our relationships, while Drew Redman’s sparse yet intimate musical score serves as a perfect accompaniment for the film”. - THE INDEPENDENT CRITIC

  • “Prost is more interested in observing key emotional points in his characters’ lives, rather than a plot-heavy narrative, and though the 140 minute running time might seem intimidating, its absolutely necessary to let us see the subtle shifts in feeling and urgency that pass between Jamie and Kacie over the course of the story." - NOW MAGAZINE

  • “A grounded and thought provoking look at modern love... expertly crafted visuals and solid performances” - FILM PULSE

  • “Love and heartbreak in one of the most realistic ways I’ve seen on film”. - ROGUE CINEMA

  • “Instead of the overdramatic, ever climactic great love that is portrayed in so Many Hollywood pictures, this love-- the loved depicted in Spaces and Reservations-- is nuanced and realistic, the kind that more often than not we have experienced... You’ll want to see this movie on the basis of the acting”. - MOVIE BANTER

  • “Perfectly captures the subtly and silences of a relationship going downhill”. - FILM THREAT

  • “It’s certainly filmmaking that stays with you for a few days-- and that must mean that it’s doing something right”. - FILMMAKING REVIEW

  • “There’s a natural chemistry to the pair and their characterizations are brilliant, traversing from the comfortable to the cold and back into amiable friendship with ease.” - ROW THREE


  • "**** If you have a chance to see Choch, do yourself the favor and check it out" - FILMTHREAT.COM

  • "Radiates an emotional honesty that makes it one of the most intriguing and involving low-budget indies to cross my desk in 2011" - THE INDEPENDENT CRITIC

  • "A naturally performed and assured piece of work" - THE CALGARY HERALD

Generation Why

  • “Nicely blends dry, witty humor with light drama and rather serious social insights into a heartfelt, intelligent story.” - THE INDEPENDENT CRITIC

  • "Absolutely a beautiful looking film... it’s entertaining, yet it puts its finger right on the pulse of young North America.” - ROGUE CINEMA