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John Delahunt
Cody Field
Mike Thorn
Chris Carolan
Cody Cox
Blain Covert
Kyle Gardiner
Karen Lewin
Gerald Prost
Cody Ratcliffe

Our Hearts Are Big
Los Campesinos!


Feature / 2009 / Dramatic comedy / 115mins

A thoughtful and engaging examination of a young generation's struggle to find themselves and their place in the world as seen during the course of a "slacker uprising" in one city incited by three frustrated high school graduates.

Absolutely a beautiful looking film... it’s entertaining, yet it puts its finger right on the pulse of young North America.
— Rogue Cinema, Josh Samford
Nicely blends dry, witty humor with light drama and rather serious social insights into a heartfelt, intelligent story.
— The Independent Critic, Richard Propes