PODCAST: Discussing Joe Swanberg + Greta Gerwig's film "Nights and Weekends" with NOW Magazine senior film writer Norm Wilner

NOW senior film writer Norm Wilner is someone whose passion for cinema is earnest and pure. He's also remarkably knowledgeable, but completely unpretentious. And, he's an all-around standup guy. Both times I've bugged him about covering my feature films for NOW, he's done his best to give my little movies a boost. I've been grateful for his consideration and generosity.

Recently, Norm was kind enough to invite me on his podcast, Someone Else's Movie, to discuss one of my favourite films-- Greta Gerwig and Joe Swanberg's 2008 collaboration Nights and WeekendsWe had a terrific conversation about our mutual love for Gerwig, the virtues and reception of the so-called "mumblecore" movement, and how it's inspired my own work.

Have a listen! And don't forget to check out all the other interesting episodes, wherein other filmmakers gush about movies they admire.

Brendan Prost