MUSIC VIDEO PREMIERE: Jordaan Mason's "No Wires"

A while ago I had the opportunity to meet lo-fi folk musician Jordaan Mason, and was blown away when I explored their expansive oeuvre on Bandcamp. They're a musician with an urgent and original voice, whose lyrics and vocals rattle with power. I was so impressed by how their music has touched and mobilized a community of queer youth online.

I immediately offered to collaborate with them. I knew I wanted to support this special artist, and to be a part of what they were creating if I could. I was very grateful when Jordaan took me up on my offer, and I got a chance to direct the music video for their song No Wires from the new album Earth to Ursa Major.

This was a refreshing creative endeavour for me, being free from the shackles of a narrative, and giving myself the freedom to try some creative ideas I probably wouldn't in my own films. I had tons of fun doing some production design (building and sourcing props), playing with lighting effects, and doing some long crossfades and multiple exposures in the edit.

Music blog This Is Not a Drill has the premiere of the video here. Enjoy, and please share!

Brendan Prost