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Zach White
Taylor Hastings
Jennifer Kobelt
Arianna McGregor
Dayleigh Nelson

Jeremy Cox

Drew Redman

Rheanna Toy


Feature / 2014 / Drama / 140mins

Spaces and Reservations is an intimate relationship drama that tells the story of a young couple being torn apart by malaise and infidelity, and the way the trauma of their breakup brings them back together.

After dating for four years, Jamie and Kacie and are separately beginning to feel the effects of malaise and disconnect. As they struggle to bridge the gaps growing between them, Jamie begins to develop feelings for another woman. After flirting precariously with infidelity, Jamie abandons this new pursuit and attempts to salvage his relationship with Kacie, only to discover that she too has fallen for someone else. Recognizing that she has been suffering the same loneliness and emotional isolation that he has, Jamie encourages Kacie to be with this new person and pursue what makes her happy. When she does, Jamie immediately realizes that he has not drifted as far away from her as he thought, and suffers immensely trying to continue to be her friend while she fosters a relationship with a new partner. The situation quickly becomes untenable, and through the trauma of the resulting conflict, Jamie and Kacie experience a renewed sense of intimacy.

Working again in close collaboration with his actors, principally Choch star Zach White and talented newcomer Taylor Hastings, Prost turns his lens towards capturing the most private moments of weakness and emotional vulnerability between two people falling out of love.

Enlivened by scattered moments of evocative imagery and moody lighting from cinematographer Jeremy Cox, as well as a subtle and delicate original score from composer Drew Redman, Spaces and Reservations is an affecting and painstakingly realized indie feature.

Achieves wonders in nuanced, realistic storytelling
— Movie Banter, Ali Haddad
A grounded and thought provoking look at modern love... expertly crafted visuals and solid performances
— Film Pulse, Adam Patterson
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